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6th Russian-German Travelling Seminar on Physics and Chemistry of Nanomaterials

September 30 - October 11, 2015
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Institute of Solid State Chemistry
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9/30/2015 - 10/11/2015
Important Dates
from 7/9/2015 to 8/9/2015


6th German-Russian Travelling Seminar of Physics and Chemistry of Nanomaterials "TS 2015 - PCnano"

School for students and young scientists will be held from September 30 to October 11 in four major European centres of research of structure and properties of materials. You have a great opportunity to listen to interesting lectures of European and Russian professors about methods of synthesis, research and practical applications of nanomaterials. Guided tours and lectures will take place at the following centers:

- Berlin Electron Storage Ring Society for Synchrotron Radiation - BESSY (Berlin)

- German Electron Synchrotron - DESY (Hamburg)

- German Aerospace Center - DLR (Cologne)

- European Spallation Source - ESS (Lund)

Goal of the seminar is to bring together students and professors from Russia and Germany in order to exchange scientific knowledge and to contribute to personal understandings between the two countries.

Requirements for applicants:

- The course is open for master or PhD students of engineering and natural science..

- Good knowledge in physics, chemistry or materials science.

- Convincing interest in the subject of the School.

- For Russian applicants: CV should include date of birth, number and date of expiry of international passport, e-mail address and mobile phone number, place of study and/or work.

The language of the seminar is English.

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Mail to:

Russian applicants: Prof. A.A. Rempel:

German applicants: Prof. A. Magerl:

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