Mafic-ultramafic complexes of folded regions and related deposits

Institute of Geology and Geochemistry UB RAS
28 August - 2 September 2009
Kachkanar, Ekaterinburg Region Russia

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Gusevogorsk deposit
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28 August 2009 — 2 September 2009
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from 20 Nov 2008 till 20 Feb 2009
Abstract submission
from 20 Nov 2008 till 30 Apr 2009
Notification of acceptance
from 20 Nov 2008 till 31 Mar 2009
Arrival and departure
from 27 Aug 2009 till 3 Sep 2009

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The Institute of Geology and Geochemistry Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences invites you to take part in the 3-d International Conference on “Mafic-Ultramafic Complexes of old belts and Related Deposits” It will be held in the Camp “Chayka” close to Kachkanar – small town in the Central Urals (Ekaterinburg region), Russia from 28th August to 2d September 2009.
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Victor A. Koroteev, Academician, Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of Zavaritsky Institute of Geology and Geochemistry Ural Branch of RAS, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Vladimir P. Bobrov, Director of Kachkanar mining Company “Vanadium”, EVRAZ GROUP, Kachkanar, Russia

Evgeny V. Pushkarev, PhD, Institute of Geology and Geochemistry Ural Branch of RAS, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Irina A. Gottman, Institute of Geology and Geochemistry Ural Branch of RAS, Ekaterinburg, Russia
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Themes of conference


1 Geology and tectonic settings of mafic-ultramafic complexes: geodynamic interpretation
2 Petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry of mafic-ultramafic complexes
3 Nature of ore concentrations in the mafic-ultramafic complexes and their relation with petrogenesis, mantle sources and fluid regimes
4 Ore deposits in the mafic-ultramafic complexes
5 Isotope geochemistry of mafic-ultramafic complexes and their interpretation
6 Ural Platinum Belt and geological equivalents
7 Ophiolite problem
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Abstract guide

(Times New Roman, 14 pt, Bold)

A.B. Author*, C. Author** (Times New Roman, 11 pt, Bold)
*Address (Times New Roman, 11 pt, italic)
e-mail address (Times New Roman, 11 pt, italic)

**Address (Times New Roman, 11 pt, italic)
e-mail address (Times New Roman, 11 pt, italic)

Abstract: 10-15 lines.

Use only Word for Windows Times New Roman typeface 11 pt for text and figure captions on 12 pt line spacing. The maximum length of the final version of an extended abstract will be four A4 size pages including all figures and tables as well as a list of references. Write the title and the authors' names and addresses as above. Leave one blank line after the title and between the authors. Start with ABSTRACT. Use two blank lines after the abstract. All margins are 2.5 cm. That applies to both left and right as well as top and bottom margins.

Figures and tables

For printing quality reasons figures, both drafts and photographs, should preferably be black-and-white only. Grayscale images are allowed but colors are not. Figures, captures and tables must be submitted in separated files.

References. Use the following format in the reference list. Do not abbreviate the title of a journal or a book. In the text, number the reference [1, 2, 5].

Berman, R.G. 1991. Thermobarometry using multiequilibrium cal-culations: a new technique, with petrological applications. Canadian Mineralogist, 29, 833-855.
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Oral presentations and posters

Oral presentations. Projection facilities include overhead projectors and computer video projectors. If you need some additional projection equipment, please let us know. Computer presentation must be prepared using MS PowerPoint soft. The time for each oral presentation will be 15 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion.
Posters. A display board corresponding to A-0 format (80 cm high and 120 cm wide) will be available for each poster. The posters will be displayed for at least one day or for the entire duration of the symposium depending on the number of displays and the space available. If you need a different size for your poster presentation, please let us know.
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During the conference 5 excursions will be held:

Excursion 1. Half-day visit of one quarry of the Gusevogorskoe titanomagnetite deposit in the Kachkanar clinopyroxenite massif.
Excursion 2. Half-day visit of the Kachkanar dressing factory.

Excursions 1 and 2 are included in the registration fee

Attention! The next three excursions will be held the same day and the participants therefore make their choice only one of them.

Excursion 3. One-day excursion to the Svetly Bor dunite-clinopyroxenite Ural-Alaskan type massif of the Ural Platinum Belt.
Excursion 4. One-day excursion to the Volkovskoe cupper-sulfide deposit associated with the Volkovka massif in the Ural Platinum Belt.
The costs of Excursions 3 and 4 will be about 20 Euro per person.

Excursion 5. One-day excursion to the Verkhotur’e historical Museum. Verhotur’e is the oldest town in the Urals. It was founded about 1600. You may visit an ancient Kremlin and several beautiful Russian churches. The costs for this excursion is about 25-30 Euro, including lunch.
Web-site about Verkhotur’e:

Attention! Excursions 3, 4 and 5 will only be organized if the number of participants exceeds 10 persons.
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Travel information

The conference will be held in the Camp “Chayka” close to Kachkanar – a small town in the Central Urals, Ekaterinburg Region of Russia, from 28th August to 2d September 2009. Kachkanar is connected with Ekaterinburg by a good road and by regional bus lines. The distance between Ekaterinburg and Kachkanar is about 270 km. The Organizing committee will organize the transport of the participants from Ekaterinburg to Kachkanar and return by buses. You may get to Kachkanar by yourself using a bus in the Ekaterinburg Southern (http://www.ural.ru/spec/transport/bus/1046.html) or Northern (http://www.ural.ru/spec/transport/bus/1354.html) Bus stations. Travel time is about 5 hours.
Ekaterinburg is well served by Russian and International airlines. Early flight reservation is highly recommended. For more information, please consult the airlines in Ekaterinburg or in your country:
Аustrian airlines: Phon: +7(343) 376-63-76, 376-37-66; Fax: 376-37-55. www.aua.com
Czech airlines: Phon: +7(343) 264-62-13(14); Fax: 264-62-13. www.czechairlines.ru
Lufthansa: Phon: +7(343) 264-77-71, 264-77-72; Fax: 264-77-73. www.lufthansa.com
Malev: Phon/Fax: +7(343) 264-42-46; www.malev.ru
Turkish airlines: Phon: +7(343) 264-20-40; 226-81-80; www.thy.com
Uralairlines: Phon: +7(343) 226-88-66; www.uralairlines.ru
Aeroflot: Phon/Fax: +7(343) 264-76-97; 356-55-70/71; www.aeroflot.ru
And other aircraft companies are situated in Koltsovo airport (Ekaterinburg). Web site is http://www.koltsovo.ru/
Koltsovo Airport is situated 20 km away from the city center. There is a regular bus and taxi service available. The trip from Koltsovo to Ekaterinburg by train takes about 30 minutes.
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Rooms for two and three-persons are available at the Camp “Chayka” (recommended). Room prices are in range 20-30 Euro (in Ruble equivalent) per person including breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is possible to book hotel-apartments in Kachkanar located in about 30 minutes by car drive away from the camp.
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Registration end registration fee

You need to register on yhe conference web-site http://conf.uran.ru/Default.aspx?cid=kachkanar

Additionally, please send your registration form to the organizers (see the last page of the First Circular).
Registration fee includes traveling from Ekaterinburg to Kachkanar and back by bus, two excursions, 5-days stay at the Camp “Chayka” and meals. All payments will be in Ruble equivalent in according to the rate of exchange of Russian Central Bank on the day of payment. Approximately total costs are:

3-bed room at camp “Chayka” - 120 Euro

2-bed room at camp “Chayka” - 150 Euro

If you prefer to stay at a Hotel in Kachkanar, the registration fee will be about 70 Euro, but you will have to pay for hotel apartment by yourself.
Insurance liability Participants should note that emergency medical costs are not covered by the registration fee.
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Most foreign participants will be required to obtain a visa to enter Russia, which may take you some time. Please check your visa requirements with the Consulate General of Russia in your home country. A formal letter of invitation is a likely prerequisite for visa application, and if this is the case, such a letter will be sent upon your request.
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Key dates

Registration form with planned presentation title:
February 20th 2009
Deadline for abstracts
March 20th 2009
The Second Circular with the preliminary program and the official invitation for foreign participants
April 15th 2009
Registration fee
June 1st 2009
Conference registration in Ekaterinburg and Kachkanar
August 26-28th 2009
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All enquiries and correspondence should be sent to the Conference Organizer:

Dr. Evgeny V. PushkarevInstitute of Geology and Geochemistry Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciencesper. Pochtovy, 7, Ekaterinburg, 620151, Russia
Phone +7(343)3711785
Fax: +7(343)3715252

Irina A. Gottman
E-mail: gottman@igg.uran.ru
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Conference programme
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