XV All-Russian Conference
«Mathematical Programming and Applications»

Russian Federation, Ekaterinburg, 2 - 6 March 2015

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2—6 March 2015
Important Dates
from 7 Nov 2014 till 6 Feb 2015
Abstract submission
from 7 Nov 2014 till 6 Feb 2015
Notification of acceptance
from 7 Feb 2015 till 20 Feb 2015
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Call for Papers

Krasovsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Mathematical Programming Association and Ural Federal University named after Boris Yeltsin are to organize a conference titled "MATHEMATICAL PROGRAMMING AND ITS APPLICATIONS" in memories of prof. I.I. Eremin, which will be held in 2-6 March 2015 at some resort in close neighborhoods of Ekaterinburg. Conference scope traditionally covers a wide range of problems from continuous and discrete optimization, machine learning, operations research and applications.
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Conference topics

Main conference focus is on theory and methods of mathematical programming and its applications. Both invited and oral talks are due to be given on recent results from continuous and discrete optimization, approximation theory, machine learning as well as in their applications from economics and medicine. Main conference tracks include:

1. Theory and methods of mathematical programming

Track covers frontiers in mathematical programming such as duality for classes optimization problems, their robustness, regularization, parametric analysis, infeasible mathematical programming problems and vector optimization. Special focus is also on efficient algorithms for optimization problems and their convergence.

2. Applications of mathematical programming

Track scope includes mathematical modelling in economics and operations research, database and software design for optimization problems, including using of parallel computing. Practical applications are encouraged of mathematical modelling in economics, management, design and finance.

3. Extremal problems of data analysis and discrete optimization

Track delivers results in optimization for machine learning, integer linear programming, scheduling, optimal cutting-stock problems, optimization problems on graphs

4. Optimization and approximation

Track considers mathematical programming problems in infinite dimensions, optimization in general spaces, problems between mathematical programming and optimal control, approximation theory and ill-posed optimization problems.

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Abstract submission

Registration process for the conference should include:

1. creation (or updating) an account on the conference web site http://mpa.imm.uran.ru; general information should provided for each author including: authors full name, affiliation and position, degree and academic title, postal address and e-mail for correspondence, author phone number;

2. uploading abstract manuscript via the conference web site (most preferable) or sending its files by the e-mail mpa2015@imm.uran.ru before 16th January 2015. Manuscript files must fit the requirements given below.

Invitations will be sent with additional information once abstract manuscripts reviewing process is completed. 

Conference abstract book is due to be published to the conference opening. Either one or two possibly full paged abstract manuscripts are prepared in LaTeX using the conference tex style (mpa2015.sty). Abstract manuscript content must have information presented in the following order: abstract title, authors initials and surnames, their locations and affiliations, e-mails, abstract content text and references. Use abstract manuscript sample (example.tex) and detailed description (instructions.tex) of commands usage from the conference style, which are provided in the link below:




It is obligatory to follow requirements for abstract manuscript file formats and their uploading process via the conference web site:

  1. abstract manuscript should be provided in .pdf format for abstract viewing purposes at the conference web site. Once uploaded, abstract .pdf becomes available for viewing at "Abstracts" section. An item titled "The report for viewing on a site" can be used to upload manuscript .pdf during the abstract registration process
  2. abstract manuscript files (.tex, .eps etc) must be zipped. The respective archive name should follow the first authors surname and initials (e.g., IvanovII.zip). Abstract manuscript .zip file must be sent using an item titled "The report, theses or archive for the paper edition" during the abstract registration process.
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Program committee

RAS academician Yu.G. Eutushenko (Moscow) - chair

M.Yu. Khachay (Ekaterinburg) - co-chair

A.S.Antipin (Moscow)

M.O. Asanov (Ekaterinburg)

V.A. Baransky (Ekaterinburg)

RAS academician V.I. Berdyshev (Ekaterinburg)

V.L. Beresnev (Novosibirsk)

O.P. Burdakov (Linköping University, Sweden)

F.P. Vasil'ev (Moscow)

RAS co-academician V.V. Vasin (Ekaterinburg)

V.P. Gergel (Nizhny Novgorod)

E.H. Gimadi (Novosibirsk)

A.Yu. Gornov (Irkutsk)

V.G. Zhadan (Moscow)

V.M. Kartak (Ufa)

A.V. Kelmanov (Novosibirsk)

A.I. Kibzun (Moscow)

A.A. Kolokolov (Omsk)

Vl.D. Mazurov (Ekaterinburg)

RAS co-academician A.A. Makhnev (Ekaterinburg)

E.A. Nurminsky (Vladivostok)

B.T. Polyak (Moscow)

A.S. Strekalovsky (Irkutsk)

RAS co-academician Yu.N. Subbotin (Ekaterinburg)

RAS co-academician V.N. Ushakov (Ekaterinburg)

O.V. Khamisov (Irkutsk)

RAS co-academician A.G. Chentsov (Ekaterinburg)

V.N. Shevchenko (Nizhny Novgorod)

V.D. Skarin (Ekaterinburg) - secretary

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Organizing committee

M.Yu. Khachay - chair

N.N. Astaf'ev 

L.D. Popov

V.D. Skarin

A.I. Smirnov

G.F. Kornilova

M.A. Kostina

N.N. Glezer

E.D. Neznakhina

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Conference will be held in "Ivolga" resort by Kadnikovo town near Ekaterinburg. Please see the link below:

Detailed map

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Dear MPA-2015 conference participants! Login and password from the MPA-2011 conference can be used for registration for the conference (in case you are MPA-2011 participant). Please enter login and password in «Login» section of the web site. If you are forgotten them, please use follow link «Restore the password».

If you are new for the conference, please use item «New participant registration». To get access for your conference account afterwards use your login and password in the «Log in» section of the conference web site.
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Dear MPA-2015 conference participants !

Special issues of journals. Program committee sets the deadline for paper submission for special issues of journals "Proceedings of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics", "Discrete analysis and operations research" and "Bulletin of South Ural state university" by 1 May 2015. Manuscripts should be prepared in LaTeX in accordance with tex styles:

for "Proceedings of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics":


for "Discrete analysis and operations research":


Requirements for the "Bulletin of South Ural state university" journal are given in the link.

Papers for "Proceedings of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics" should contain at most 10 pages.

 Selected conference talk presentations are given in links below from memorial I.I.Eremin track:

1. Vl.D. Mazurov "I.I.Eremin: photo chronicle footage 1961 - 2013" Eremin.pptx

2. M.Yu.Khachay "Selected I.I. Eremin results" mpa2015.pdf

3. V.V. Vasin "Iterative Fejer processes" VAS_EREM_KVM_50.ppt

 Latest conference program is posted in section "Program" of the conference web site to date 02.03.2015 21:00.

Abstracts and conference program

  1. Program committee completed abstract manuscript review process. Secondary conference call letter with detailed information and personal invitations will be sent to the authors of accepted papers at the beginning of the next week (16-18 February).
  2. Abstracts are due to be published in the conference abstract book by the conference opening, which are accepted for the conference.
  3. At the end of the conference authors of selected conference talks will be invited to submit full-length papers for publication in special issues of journals "Proceedings of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics", "Discrete analysis and operations research" and "Bulletin of South Ural State University".

Registration and fees

  1. Conference on-place registration is due to be held at the Krasovsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Ural Branch of RAS, on 2 March from 9-00 to 17-00 of local time.
  2. Conference registration fee (includes accomodation, room rental for conference tracks, publishing, transportation and other fees) is 9000 rubles.

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Contacts for Organizing Committee:

620990, Russian Federation, Ekaterinburg, Sophya Kovalevskaya street, 16, Krasovsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. Organizing Committee of "MPA-2015"


(343) 375-35-05 (M.Yu. Khachay)

(343) 375-34-23 (V.D. Skarin)

Fax:  (343)374-25-18

E-mail:   mkhachay@imm.uran.ru     skavd@imm.uran.ru

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Young scientist school

Organizing Committee:

RAS co-academician V.V.Vasin (chair)

M.I. Pobery

E.D. Neznakhina


(343)375-35-05 (E.D. Neznakhina)

Fax:  (343)374-25-18

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Previous events

Information about previous MPA events can be found in the link
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